My portfolio originally focused extremely heavily on HSBC – Chinese Equity Fund. I started to accumulate this fund since I was 20. At that time, the future of Chinese economy was very strong, and most Chinese would not imagine it will crash anytime soon.

Then I started to put some money aside in TD e-series fund. I have to admit that TD offered pretty good fund in terms of performance. They gave you some sector funds that most retail banks didn’t offer. I remember I also hold TD Health Science which gave me a significant capital gain in my portfolio.

Since I decided to start stock investing, I sold almost $10,000 in HSBC РChinese Equity Fund & TD e-series fund and start purchase dividend paying stocks & ETF.

Here are the stocks and funds currently held in my portfolio:

  • BCE Inc.
  • National Bank
  • Telus
  • Facebook
  • Fortis Inc.
  • HSBC Chinese Equity Fund
  • GWL US Equity Fund*
  • GWL Advanced Continuum (PSG)*
  • GWL Black Rock LifePath 2045*
  • GWL Canadian Equity (Leith Wheeler)*

*Part of my employer RRSP plan