I have been a long time since I have done any update on my blog. For just a short 8 months, I have already gone into my first road block to my blog. For a short period of time, I have completely no idea what I should write for my blog. I have to keep reminding myself this blog is for my benefit. It keeps me in line with my saving and investing habits. It should be the only place to record my thoughts and stuff I learn about my money. Why would I care if no one really cares what I learned in the previous period of time. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME!

So I decided to murmur about my financial only in this place. Since we all know talking about money is always hard between friends and family, this could be the only place I can express my thought about money especially my mom always roll her eyes every time I bring out the topic of money. Whatever. I don’t have to care, right?

In the next little future, I will only share what I learn about money and investing, and I hope I can understand these topics well enough to explain it in my blog. In addition, I would also start to share my dividend revenue every quarter to make myself to be on track to financial freedom.

[Murmur] I haven’t forgotten this blog!!

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