As I mention previously that I am planning on a trip in May to visit Vegas and San Francisco (it has recently changed to visiting Vegas only), I want to start a plan to save and earn the extra money to cover my hotel and airfare.

Therefore, I will need to save additional $850 dollars for it by May. This seems impossible if I want to save money on top of my regular contribution to my saving accounts, RRSP, and TFSA.


Life must go on regardless. Let’s be more positive on how to come up with the extra money.

The best way to save more money is to earn extra through my part time job. I am lucky enough to have a flexible part time job which allows me to work on weekend whenever I am available. My goal is to pick up more days at my part time job.

  • I am currently making $185/ day prior tax deduction,  and I am planning to cover the majority of my trip cost from my extra income
  • To take out 20% for approximate for tax and CPP deduction. $185*(1 – 0.2) = $148. I will need to take 4 additional days of work beside any already scheduled work day

$148.00 * 4 = $592.00

Below are the few ideas I have at the begining of the year for daily cost cutting to cover the rest of trip:

  •  Cell phone bill – I need to review my cellphone bill to see if I can cut some of the charges. It may be a bit hard for me, because I already signed up with the corporate plan
    • Failed: My cell phone bill is already well below the average market price, and I am not able to lower the cost.


  • Take out lunch – I will only allow myself $20 a week for my lunch (including weekend), I would imagine I will cut about $30 a month on this.  $30 * 3 months – $120.00
    • In Progress: I am still working to bring lunch for all 5 days of work. I have already cut down to spent only 1 day with my friends for take out lunch.


  • Monthly Nespresso coffee purchase I just found out that my office is now offer Nespresso coffee in house, so I probably will save around $20 on capsules a month on the coffee I drink at the office. $20 * 3 months = $60.00 – Succeed!


  • Decluttering your belongs
    • I will go to sell some of my unused items on Craigslist. I have an unused DSLR lens, an old laptop, or may be some books I can sell them online for some cash.  Hopefully I can get about $100 from selling my stuffs. Achieved!

$592.00 + $120.00 + $60.00 +$100 = $872

Now I need to enforce myself to stick to this plan. I am in need of building new money saving habits

Let’s Make a Plan to Save for Next Trip
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