We often motivate ourselves to save and invest now for our retirement and major purchase in our lives. Today I want to give you one more excuse to invest. We need to help the less unfortunate people in our community.


In many occasions, we talks about money, because we want to pay down our debts ( student loan or consumer debt), save to travel the world, or desire to reach financial independence. This is my personal ultimate financial goal. However, I don’t want us to forget the needs to help other people in whatever way we can.


This post is written after reading an article about a young mother cannot afford $160,000 to fund her medications to prep for her bone marrow transplant surgery. She missed her chance to receive a bone marrow transplant earlier this year due to pneumonia, and now her cancer cell counts are way too high for the surgery. She will need a special medication which costs approx. $160,000 to keep her cancer cell counts under control before receiving the bone marrow.


The family has been in financial trouble for a while now when her husband quit his job to take care their two young children. They are asking the public for help to raise the money she needs for her medications.


In previous posts, I mentioned about the needs to have critical illness insurance and emergency fund to protect us better for unexpected events, but we also know that we can’t predict for everything that happens to us. Don’t feel shame that we need to ask for help from our family and friends to support us in some tragic events. We should never say this should not happen if they have done something financially to protect their family. There is no time machine for us to go back in time to correct this.


What can we do as millennial?

Beside focus to save up all the money you need for your first home, new car, and vacation. Please also take a moment to start putting a small amount of money aside that we can contribute to our community. As an investor, we understand the power of compounding and dollar cost averaging would be something we can all take advantage of. With as little as $25 a month, it can make a difference to a family future.
Today, I want to challenge you to start a monthly contribution to your saving account designated in helping other people in need. It doesn’t matter if you are using those fund donating to your preferred charity or helping family member going through tough time. We need to believe a little work on our own will go a long way and eventually making our community a better place to live.


Having Another Motivation to Invest
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