My name is Kat and currently living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I am always interested in dividend investing, travelling, saving, frugal living, and yet a big foodie.

The idea of starting blogging began when I was planning for my Europe trip. I did so many researches on the best possible way to save money and keep myself safe in the wonderland. After coming back to Vancouver, I want to share every little tip I gather throughout my trip.

 Why I Start this Blog?

I want to document all the random thoughts I had about investing and personal finance. I would need a place to organize my thoughts and the pieces of knowledge I learn every day.

Since I was a teen, I had a great passion in personal finance; I started to invest in mutual funds when I was 19. I want to reach financial freedom one day, and I hope this is not too far away.

Inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki, I started to focus on dividend investing this year and thought this would be a great place to share my experience. As I am still learning about stock investing, I hope we can learn it together by sharing each other experience.

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